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While conducting their investigation, the team found Android apps that included the ultrasonic cross-device tracking technology, which were listening 'in the background without the user's knowledge'. However, the researchers from Braunschweig University of Technology found many of the apps that contain the code were developed for large companies such as McDonald's and Krispy Kreme. The app ShopKick, which rewards users with discounts, was found to be one of the spy apps that monitors the user's location.

Instead of tracking the user with the smartphone's GPS it uses the audio beacon emitted from the loudspeakers positioned at the entrance of a store to determine whether the consumer had walked into the store.

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Inaudible tracking signals could soon be tracking your TV and web surfing habits more closely than ever before - without you knowing, privacy campaigners have said. The platform tracks channels using AI and deep machine intelligence. When you visit a website that uses SilverPush tracking technology, the site causes your device to emit an inaudible ultrasonic sound. If any other devices you've got lying around have an app installed that includes SilverPush code, they are listening for that sound.

Some TV commercials include an ultrasonic audio beacon.

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Any nearby devices running SilverPush software will be listening for the beacon—if a device hears it, it records the match, allowing the company to figure out what ads users watch and for how long, and add that information to the user's profile. The firm admits it can track over 40 different dimensions of metadata - everything from the brand, agency, actors, products, songs, moods and other pertinent data. It was also found that other apps like Lisnr and Signal use the ultrasonic beacons to suggest vouchers for festivals and sporting events.

ZDNET reported that games, such as Pino Henyo, are designed to open a user's smartphone microphone without them knowing and listen for ultrasonic tones. This means that a marketer will know if a user is watching sensitive content such as adult movies or political documentations.

This app made ‘Dark Knight’ phone mic spy tech a reality

This technology also gives them the ability to know 'what and how long an individual is watching and obtain a detailed user profile to deliver highly customized advertisement,' the team shared. An advertiser can also track a user's behavior and purchase habits on all of their devices including smartphones, tablets and desktops. All of the information that is gathered is then used to 'show more tailored advertisements'.

Although it is difficult to determine if an app is equipped with the ultrasonic cross-device tracking technology, users can protect themselves by managing the app permissions — specifically not allowing it to access your smartphone's microphone. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Is YOUR phone using ultrasonic sounds to secretly spy on you? Your apps could be listening to your every move.

How your phone’s apps and features can be used to spy on you - CNA

That is such an extreme invasion of privacy- how can there not be some sort of prevention or help to stop this?? Jesse, if you could please offer some sort of advice I would greatly appreciate it. This is such an extreme form of harassment — especially to have all your conversations and whatever you do heard through the microphone-even when your phone is off!

I can hear them they got a device that can hear us with us even opening our mouth to talk, they know when we call cops and stock me every where, what device can that be? I have the same exact situation happening to me for more than 1. I have come very far and actually found a way to record these idiots.

Have you received any help or a way to prove this? If not, I can tell you my process in hopes it might help you. May be this is a solution a hard-ware based one.

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