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Stingray devices, just like the infamous armored vehicle at the San Diego Unified School District or grenade launchers in Los Angeles, trickled down to local police departments from the military. The Harris Corp. Due to its popularity, Stingray has become the generic term for all IMSI catchers, which evolved from a device called a Triggerfish that came about in the mid s. By mimicking cellphone towers, Stingrays trick mobile phones in an area into transmitting identifying information, such as location, unique ID, and outgoing calls and texts.

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Soghoian told inewsource the Stingray can be likened to the childhood game of Marco Polo. The devices can be handheld, fixed atop police cars or even attached to planes. The range depends on the model and signal strength, and, according to Soghoian, can encompass several miles with signals that can penetrate buildings.

At least 47 local, state and federal agencies in at least 19 states have them at their disposal. Scheer said the First Amendment Coalition is focusing on the San Diego police for a few reasons, mainly that they wanted to help a local news organization obtain the information, but also because they had a hunch that any denial from the Police Department would be based on a secrecy agreement involving San Diego, the FBI and the Harris Corp.

Department of Justice did direct the city not to disclose information about the device.

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According to documents obtained by the First Amendment Coalition and shared with inewsource , the Los Angeles Police Department used these devices 21 times in a four-month period in to aid in homicide, kidnapping, suicide, rape, human trafficking, robbery, fugitive and narcotic cases. In the past 18 months, a host of spy technologies has come to light in the wake of the Edward Snowden revelations. Little domes on vehicles equipped with ISMI technology. Five thousand miles away in Colorado, however, Michael Ossmann was delighted.

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Ossmann had spent much of his career taking apart, designing, and hacking together radio electronics himself, mainly in the hope of trying to find their vulnerabilities and figure out how to protect them from people who might want to interfere with or spy on them. At least 47 local, state and federal agencies in at least 19 states have them at their disposal. There are reports unconfirmed as far as I can tell that security forces in England have used Stingray-type devices to electronically identify protest participants.

This whole idea of the Government getting information on the Charlie Lunch Buckets using the Stingray, is falling down funny. So you have no problem with the creation of another level of government surveillance intrusion with all its inevitable mission creep abuses because you assume everyones life is as uneventful as yours? Get real.

Few protections limit cell spying.

And get educated. The idea that government agents must actually scrutinize data mined content personally to find alleged crimes is rapidly going to be a thing of the past.

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Computers are so powerful now and software advanced enough that algorithms are used which put certain words and phrases together that they are competant enough to catch things automatically. No there is a real problem with these continued privacy abuses by agencies doing them withoutpublic debate first. Who do they think they are working for? Why do you think they keep this stuff under wraps as long as they can?

It is because they know it is wrong and we would scream bloody murder if we knew. I am curious on whether the investigators know anything about local agencies using the backscsatter xray vans that as of several years ago had appx units shipped not sure if that was globally ir just the US Los Angeles and NYC were of course named as using them.

Clearly illegal to be used without a warrant against domestic dwellings kyllo vs US SCOTUS they claimed they would only be used for terrorism reasons on vehicles. They can count the change in your pocket at a good distance through the wall. Want to be notified of follow-up comments by email? Click the box!

You can also subscribe without commenting. Your answer was to refer me to something to look The new configuration was supposed to go in today, maybe tomorrow. I'm very sorry you've had to live with this stupidity.


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